Hopcount is a consulting company with registered offices in London, Ontario, Canada. Hopcount specialises in the design, implementation and operation of Internet infrastructure.

Uniquiti UniFi Access Point

Hopcount runs a wireless network in its offices on Moore Street. Chances are good that you have been redirected to this page because you have tried to use the open wireless network called "470 Moore Street".

You are very welcome to use this network if you are in range of it. It'd be nice to know who you are, though. You're going to keep getting redirected to this web page periodically so long as you continue to use this network, just as a reminder.

You can avoid the annoying redirects to this page each time you use the network by sending an e-mail and asking for the password to the network "Hopcount", which runs on the same equipment but which will not keep redirecting you to this annoying page.